Finfish aquaculture encompasses a broad and increasingly diverse set of aquatic species (finfish are generally defined as having backbones, gills and fins) which have both common and unique requirements amongst their collective group. Some of the key commonalities that are considered when addressing the nutritional requirements of different species of finfish involve their habitat (cold water, warm water, marine, freshwater, etc.), their natural diet (omnivorous, piscivorous, etc.), the life stage of the fish when they are being fed and other general morphological, environmental and production considerations.

Zeigler began manufacturing fish feeds in 1955 to meet the needs of local trout farmers. The company’s understanding of the science of aquatic animal nutrition has grown significantly since then and the range and diversity of species raised on Zeigler fish feeds has diversified to meet the constantly expanding range of fish species cultured.

Zeigler’s broad range of finfish formulations covers include starter feeds, juvenile feeds, grow-out diets and broodstock feeds, among others.

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