Zeigler Finfish Broodstock is a “top shelf” marine protein-based diet formulated to feed a variety of omnivorous and piscivorous aquatic broodstock animals. Zeigler Finfish Broodstock is formulated to maximize gonadal development and contains vitamin and carotenoid pigment supplements required for viable egg and sperm development.

Particle Sizes

6.5 mm Slow-Sinking



  • Bags, super sacks and bulk 

Features & Benefits

  • Finfish Broodstock is formulated to maximize gonadal development.
  • Supplemented with carotenoid pigments to enhance reproductive performance.
  • Ingredient selection based on true finfish digestibility testing.
  • Balanced amino acid profile.
  • Phosphorus levels below 1.3%.
  • Increased levels of vitamins C & E.
  • Meets FDA requirements regarding restrictions on mammalian protein sources.

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