02.19.18 - Dr. Thomas Zeigler honored with Lifetime Achievement Award from US Aquaculture Society

Award presentation of Dr. Thomas Zeigler presented by Dr. David Cline, President of the United States Aquaculture Society

Las Vegas, Nevada (February 19, 2018) : Dr. Thomas Zeigler was presented with the US Aquaculture Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the opening ceremony of Aquaculture America 2018 in Las Vegas. With a vision for the future, Dr. Zeigler has been a leader in the development of nutritional technologies for aquaculture for over 50 years. Obtaining his Ph.D. from Cornell University in Animal Nutrition and Veterinary Pathology in the 1960’s, he has since led the family business from a local manufacturer of farm animal feeds to an internationally recognized producer of aquaculture feeds.


Dr. Zeigler has authored or co-authored 19 scientific publications, and has served as officer or director of 8 scientific and/or trade associations, including President of the US Aquaculture Suppliers Association. In the 1980’s, he led the development of ascorbyl-2-tripolyphosphate (Stay-C), a new patented stable form of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). The commercialization of stable vitamin C technology had a highly significant impact on the industry, helping to significantly improve the performance and stability of aquafeeds.


In recent years, Dr. Zeigler has focused efforts on the development of high performance feeds and precision feeding strategies that have helped to positively impact operational profitability. He has also been instrumental in the effort to improve biosecurity through the development of feeds that replace or reduce the dependence on live or fresh frozen feeds for aquaculture. Through his continued vision, Zeigler Bros. continues to support a rigorous R&D program to advance nutritional technologies and solutions.


Dr. Zeigler has been one of the most familiar faces of US aquaculture for many decades. A network of current and former employees, collaborators, colleagues, and customers all consider him as a true friend. He retains a sincere passion for aquaculture and a continuing mission to build value to life through innovative nutrition.

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