03.01.16 - PCO-Zeigler commences shrimp feed production in Ecuador

In March, Zeigler celebrated the launch its feed partnership in Machala, Ecuador with Productores de Cameron, el Oro - Zeigler (PCO-Zeigler).  In commemoration of the inaugural opening, Matt Zeigler, V.P. of Operations addressed over 100 attendees.

“The Zeigler family feels extremely humble to be here in Ecuador, the place where shrimp farming in the West began, and where so many pioneers who now travel the world, were born. Our journey began here over 25 years ago thanks to our good friends at Prilabsa, who introduced us to Ecuador and have provided unsurpassed support and distribution of Zeigler hatchery and nursery feeds throughout Central and South America. And today, we are excited to announce that Zeigler shrimp growout feeds are now being manufactured in Ecuador.”

Zeigler is a global company, with a strong emphasis on developing technologies for aquaculture feeds and nutrition. Zeigler’s shrimp program provides feeds for the complete lifecycle, including all stages of hatchery, nursery, growout, and maturation. The company has distributor partnerships worldwide, and through its franchise partners in Ecuador and Mexico, its shrimp growout feeds now extend throughout the Americas.

Matt Zeigler went on to explain, “We are a third generation company and our father, Dr. Tom, saw the vision. The world population was growing. How would we feed the world? How would we feed the people? Having limited land resources that were vastly developed, farming our waters would be a must!

To grow in the industry, we look for people with a common focus. We look for “INNOVATIVE” partners….partners in research, development, manufacturing process technology and distribution…partners around the world who also see the vision!

The members of PCO are true to the name “El Oro” – indeed they are the “Oro” of innovation in Ecuador. What they, both as a group and individually have done for the Aquaculture industry in Ecuador is impressive. Through this relationship, what you see here today is, in my opinion, the most innovative, state-of-the-art feed manufacturing technology in Ecuador. The products shipping from these doors, are the finest and most innovative aquaculture diets produced in Ecuador.

Bienvinedos Ecuador - We are feeding the world, We are feeding the people!”

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