05.05.14- Zeigler hires Dr. Craig Browdy as Director of Research and Development


Zeigler Bros., Inc. hires Dr. Craig Browdy as Director of Research and Development

Gardners, Pennsylvania, USA, May 13, 2014: Zeigler Bros., Inc. announces the hiring of Dr. Craig L.

Browdy as Director of Research and Development. The experience that Dr. Browdy brings to this

position will further strengthen the company’s product and technology development programs. With

greater emphasis on R&D, Zeigler anticipates continued leadership in the development and

commercialization of feeds and technologies to support responsible expansion of profitable aquaculture

systems worldwide. Tim Zeigler, Vice President, Sales and Marketing explained: "Scientific innovation

has always been at the heart of our corporate culture, and we see continuing investment in this area as

a key component of our future growth strategies".

Dr. Browdy has over 30 years experience in aquaculture, managing commercial, academic, and

government research programs. A past president of the World Aquaculture Society, Dr. Browdy’s

research has focused on the application of aquaculture technologies to improve availability of seafood

resources. His work has applied basic science and innovative technology development to

commercialization of new products, advancement of production systems, and improvement of fish and

shrimp health and nutrition. "I’m looking forward to working with the Zeigler team to further the

development of aquaculture and to make contributions to the application of effective products and

technologies for Zeigler customers worldwide".

Zeigler is a technology-based feed manufacturer, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and

nutritional innovation for all stages of aquaculture development. The company reaches global markets

through its franchising program and worldwide distribution network. In 2013, it was awarded for its

excellence in exporting by the US Department of Commerce. Zeigler has a dedicated team specializing

in aquaculture production, feed processing, nutrition, biology, and international logistics.

Knowledgeable and passionate employees are absolutely essential to the company’s highly diverse and

unique product offerings. "We see Craig’s hiring enhancing our executive leadership team and

reinforcing our commitment to continued excellence in research and technical service." said Tim

Markey, Director of Nutrition.

For more information about Zeigler, please contact us at info@zeiglerfeed.com or 717-677-6181.

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