Zeigler Finfish Starter is a “top shelf” marine protein-based diet formulated to feed a variety of omnivorous and piscivorous aquatic animals during the fry stage when it is important to jump-start proper growth and development of your fish.

Particle Sizes

Meal (≤0.6 mm)
#1 Crumble (0.6–0.85 mm)
#2 Crumble (0.85–1.2 mm)
Mini-pellets (1.5 & 2.0 mm)



  • Bags, super sacks and bulk 

Features & Benefits

  • Emphasis on marine ingredients for increased palatability.
  • Higher vitamin levels for rapid development.
  • Contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) – a highly purified nutritional additive that has been shown to improve survivability.
  • Contains supplemental carotenoid pigments.
  • Mini-pellets provide for reduced waste over large crumbles.
  • Meets FDA requirements regarding restrictions on mammalian protein sources.


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