Zeigler Canary Starter/Breeder is a completely balanced diet for breeding and young, growing juvenile canaries, finches, and other hardbill species. It is also the preferred diet during periods of stress, molt, and for improving the condition of unthrifty birds.

Zeigler Canary Starter/Breeder is supplemented with additional vitamins and minerals to support egg production and growth of young birds. A source of supplemental calcium may be required for females with low body reserves of this important mineral for eggshell formation. In most cases, no dietary supplements are necessary. Birds accustomed to a seed based diet can be converted to Zeigler pellets using the steps outlined in Zeigler’s Transitioning to Pellets brochure, available at your local Zeigler retailer.

Particle Sizes

Not Available



  • Contact a Zeigler representative for specific packaging information.

Feeding Instructions

  • Zeigler Canary Starter/Breeder should be fed 60-90 days prior to the onset of breeding to assure birds are receiving the necessary nutrients required for reproduction and egg development. Pellets softened with water and placed in a clean dish will aid adults in feeding very young birds. Babies can also be hand fed using Zeigler® Handfeeding Formula. When birds reach maturity, gradually switch to Zeigler® Canary Maintenance diet.


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