Finfish Pro-Start A powerful combination of immunostimulants, probiotics and optimized nutrition allow Pro-Start to enhance animal health and improve survival in early lifecycle stages when its needed most. Utilizing proprietary cool manufacturing processes and a blend of the highest quality ingredients, Pro-Start provides superior water stability with ultra-high digestibility.


  • Proprietary selection of microbes designed to compete against pathogenic bacteria and enhance gut health. 
  • Probiotic blend designed specifically for our feeds and manufacturing processes ensures consistent microbe inclusion level in the finished product. 


  • An all-natural immunostimulant that supports juvenile development and promotes higher survivals in stressful culture conditions.
  • Vpak in starter feeds reported to improve survivals and yields in grow-out.
  • Proactive mechanism for fighting viruses and pathogens.

Probiotics and Vpak are all natural alternatives to antibiotics. These eco-friendly solutions enhance animal health and overall profitability.

Formulation & Sizing

Pro-Start Vpak 55-15 is available in three sizes for first feeding to 5g. For fingerlings, Pro-Start Vpak 50-15 is offered in 1.5 & 2.0mm sizes.

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