Biopak HS is a probiotic pond additive that reduces toxic Hydrogen Sulfide (originates from the accumulation of organic sludge in the pond) levels from pond waters. Probiotics are living organisms, that when administered in adequate amounts, provide a direct and/or indirect benefit to the host. Biopak HSTM is environmentally safe and contains non-pathogenic bacteria selected to improve water quality in marginal ponds.

Particle Sizes

Granular powder



  • 11.34 Kg (25 lb.) Buckets

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces stress and mortality resulting from excessive accumulation of hydrogen sulfide originating in ponds with significant organic sludge accumulation.
  • Helps to improve overall production yields by providing a healthier environment.
  • Reduces BOD which helps to improve oxygen levels and overall water quality.
  • All natural, contains no drugs or antibiotics.


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