Zeigler Vpak is an all-natural, highly purified, nutritional additive that has been shown to improve survivability and production yields in cultured species. Both field and laboratory trials have demonstrated increased disease resistance when animals were fed diets supplemented with Vpak which contains no antibiotics. Vpak is added to select standard diets and can be included in any custom run at the customer’s request.

Particle Sizes

Fine powder



  • Contact a Zeigler representative for packaging information.

Features & Benefits

  • Observed improvement in survivals & production yields.
  • All-natural alternative to antibiotics.
  • Proactive mechanism for fighting viruses and pathogens.
  • Optimal dose/response inclusion level for finfish.
  • Inclusion in starter feeds reported to improve survivals in grow-out.
  • Safe, biodegradable and residue-free; no antibiotics.


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