Vpak (Vitality Pak) is an all natural, highly purified nutritional pack that has been shown to materially improve survival and production yields in cultured shrimp. Based on the principles of “Nutritional Immunology”, Vpak uses a unique blend selected nutrients and natural bioactive substances to materially reduce the impact of stress and increase disease resistance. Vpak is not a therapeutic, but rather a completely non-toxic activator of the non-specific immune system. “The non-specific immune response is characterized by a rapid deployment of humoral and cellular defense mechanisms without prior recognition of the infectious agent.”

Nutrition and immune modulation in aquatic animals. Verhlac and Kiron, Aqua Feeds: Formulation & Beyond. Volume 1 Issue 4 2004

Particle Sizes

Fine powder



  • 15 Kg. Bucket (33 lbs.)

Features & Benefits

  • Field and laboratory tested and proven to improve survival and production yields.
  • All-natural alternative to anti-biotics.
  • Vpak formulation and manufacturing processes are unique and proprietary; there is no other product like it available on the market today.
  • Vpak is not a therapeutic, but an alternative calculated to the optimal response dose for shrimp.
  • Effectively reduces stress from handling and environmental stressors like low D.O.
  • Designed for use in any formulated shrimp diet.


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