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LINDA KAY WYATT May 25, 1953 - December 5, 2020

Our friend and beloved member of the Zeigler Bros. family, Linda Wyatt passed away recently on December 5. Linda was with our company for over 30 years. During most of that time, Linda worked in Customer Service, serving as a beacon of spirit and support for so many of our customers.

Known for her loving personality and caring for family, co-workers, and customers, Linda was the reassuring voice you could always count on. She loved "her" customers, and there was no better joy for her than when she was speaking directly with them. Many of you who got to know her would often ask us during a visit, "How's Linda doing? She does a great job and always helps us out!". Linda was truly the face and smile of Zeigler.

We hold many wonderful memories and stories of Linda. These will serve to uplift us, to keep her spirit in front of us, and to encourage us to carry Linda's memory forward in the days and years ahead. Those of you who would like to read or share a memory can do so at

Tim & Matt Zeigler

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