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Know What’s in your Diet!

It is recognized that nutrition is the most important environmental factor influencing the ability of laboratory animals to reach their genetic potential for growth, reproduction, longevity, and to respond to environmental stress. Therefore, it is essential for research scientists, veterinarians, and animal facility managers to have detailed dietary information in order to make valid conclusions regarding experimental results.

Zeigler provides lab diets which are comprised of fixed formulations, where ingredient compositions remain constant and are not altered to accommodate the use of lower quality or less costly raw materials. Fixed formulations help decrease the risk of non-assayed or undesirable constituents which could influence experimental results or jeopardize the well being of animals. Nutrient concentrations in Zeigler lab diets are controlled by procurement of ingredients that  contain acceptable specified nutrient concentrations and meet Zeigler’s specified quality standards.

Zeigler supports the fixed formula diet concept because it is important for scientists to know and have control of the nutrient and contaminant concentrations of diets used in biomedical research. In addition to specified nutrient and contaminant assays, the researcher is offered the option of complete formula disclosure to help monitor and control ingredient inputs on every lot of diet. With this information, the scientific community can have the highest level of confidence in producing sound experimental results.

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