Redi-Mate is a complete maturation feed for spawning penaeid shrimp to support enhanced production rates of high quality nauplii while offering full product biosecurity. Vpak added to support animal health and disease resistance.



Particle Sizes

3/32 pellet (2.4mm diameter pellet, 3.5mm length)


  • Bucket: 15 kg (33 lb)
  • Nitrogen flushed bags: 5 kg (11lb) 3 per bucket.
  • 720kg per pallet

Features & Benefits

More spawns, more nauplii, better quality nauplii

    • A superior convenient and highly attractive soft moist diet to increase maturation performance.
    • Contains optimal levels of antioxidants, pigments, vitamins, bioavailable minerals and essential nutrients to enhance shrimp reproductive performance with or without eyestalk ablation.
    • Precision formulated with the highest levels of HUFAs and other essential ingredients to meet the metabolic demands of ovarian maturation and spawning.
    • An essential part of advanced shrimp broodstock management programs contributing to increased nauplii production indices and supporting consistent nauplii quality.

Biosecurity when and where it’s needed most

    • Guaranteed free of major crustacean pathogens by independent PCR analysis.
    • Provides up to 80% replacement of fresh feeds.

The most advanced maturation diet from the most established shrimp maturation nutrition program

  • Made in the USA.
  • Convenient tamper proof nitrogen flushed packaging guarantees two year shelf life when stored properly.

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