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Shrimp aquaculture depends upon managing costs and risks to efficiently achieve fast growth and high survival which are key to stable, sustainable and profitable production. Maximizing the health of the shrimp is critical.  As with other animal production systems controlling disease requires a focus on prevention. The most successful shrimp producers invest in maximizing shrimp condition by selecting robust genetic lines, maintaining excellent environmental conditions and using natural additives to enhance gut health and immune balance. Properly applied probiotics can be a highly effective tool contributing to safely maintaining a healthy microbial community in the shrimp gut and in the culture environment. Similarly, additives which improve the gut environment and shrimp immune responses can be effective tools in maximizing health and production success. Zeigler invests in basic and applied research toward functional blends of probiotic strains and blends of functional dietary supplements which can make important contributions to maintaining the microbial and immune balance necessary to support healthy and robust crops.

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