Zeigler Marine Flake is a complete and nutritionally balanced diet for tropical marine fish. The diet contains Spirulina and other natural marine sources to enhance the vibrant colors of your fish. Highly digestible marine proteins are incorporated to increase palatability and digestibility, and thus minimize excreted waste. Increased levels of Stable Vitamin C and Brewers Yeast are included in the diet to promote healthy gill, fin, and tissue development.

Particle Sizes




  • Bulk 5 lb. and 25 lb. boxes

Features & Benefits

  • Complete color-enhancing diet for tropical marine fish
  • Contains additional levels of natural pigments such as spirulina, Krill and Shrimp Meal
  • Fortified with natural immune enhancers to promote tissue maintenance and development
  • Contains highly digestible marine proteins to reduce excreted waste
  • Now contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) an all-natural, nutritional feed supplement, designed to improve overall fish health and resistance to disease


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