Zeigler Bird of Paradise is a scientifically-formulated, supplemental diet for softbill species such as Birds-of-Paradise, Starlings, Tanagers, Mynahs, and Toucans. Developed and tested by zoo nutritionists and veterinarians, Zeigler Bird of Paradise was designed to support a balanced diet consisting of non-citrus fruit, fresh vegetables, and dark green leafy produce.

Iron storage disease (hemochromatosis) is a common ailment among many species of softbills. Data suggests that feeding a well balanced diet low in iron, like Zeigler Bird of Paradise, is beneficial to species prone to hemochromatosis.

Particle Sizes

5.0 mm (3/16") pellet



  • Contact a Zeigler representative for specific packaging information.

Feeding Instructions

  • Zeigler Bird of Paradise is a very palatable, semi-moist pellet designed to be fed mixed with fresh produce. This diet was formulated to provide balanced nutrition when fed with the following proportions of produce: 60% non-citrus fruit, 30% vegetables, 4% dark green leafy vegetables, and 6% Bird of Paradise supplement. Produce should be chopped and uniformly mixed with supplement. If needed, pelleted diet can be crushed prior to mixing for a more uniform consistency.


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