Zeigler Handfeeding Formula is a completely balanced diet for hand-rearing all hookbill species. This diet supplies the essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals, and energy required for development and growth of baby birds.

Zeigler Handfeeding Formula provides 100% of the daily nutrient requirements for growing birds. Dietary supplementation is not recommended. This diet is easily fed and highly digestible. Zeigler’s drug-free manufacturing process reduces the risk of contamination and provides for uncompromised quality and product consistency.

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  • Contact a Zeigler representative for specific packaging information.

Feeding Instructions

  • Thoroughly mix hot water (from the tap) or boiling water (for younger chicks) with 30% solids in a feeding cup to feed chicks 4 days after hatching. Gradually increase the proportion of solids to 40% until the chicks are 30 days old. Cool the formula to a slightly warmer than normal room temperature, it will have applesauce consistency or slightly thinner.
  • To feed use a teaspoon or demitasse spoon with sides bent up to form a trough. Large syringes have also been used successfully, but care should be taken not to get the formula into the windpipe. It needs an experienced person. Feeding response is stimulated by touching the beak or back corners of the beak with the spoon containing warm formula. Chicks get used to this technique within 3-4 days and readily open their gullet for the formula.
  • Young chicks should be fed every 3-4 hours during the day time. Note the condition of the crop prior to each feeding. Reduce the number of feedings as the chick gets older. Hand feeding three times a day is sufficient for a 30 day old chick. Hand feeding should be eliminated completely or reduced to one spoon feeding as soon as chicks are self feeding well from the feeding cups. When the chicks are 30-40 days old, offer fruits once a day as a treat only (in between the two main feedings). When the chicks are 45 days old, start on the small sized Zeigler pelleted starter/breeder diet while gradually phasing out the formula.


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