By vertebrate standards, crickets are naturally low in calcium and therefore are a poor source of this important mineral when fed to reptiles. Hi-Cal Cricket MonsterDiet TM is supplemented with dietary calcium and other needed nutrients identified by leading zoo nutritionists and veterinarians.

Particle Sizes




  • 14 oz Pouch, 20 lb bag - all nitrogen preserved

Features & Benefits

  • High calcium content eliminates the need to dust with messy mineral supplements.
  • More economical than diets with higher water content.
  • Provides beneficial vitamins and minerals to insect eating pets fed crickets.
  • Supplemented with Vitamin D3 to help compensate for limited natural light exposure when fed to insect eating pets. However, additional UV light is still recommended for reptiles.
  • Finely ground to increase intake by crickets of all sizes including pinheads
  • All natural diet. Contains no artificial flavors or colors.


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