Shrimp aquaculture has changed tremendously since it emerged as a commercial enterprise in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Production practices and most importantly, the science behind the business have advanced dramatically, allowing for a considerable increase in the total global production of shrimp. The business continues to evolve as research further expands the collective knowledge employed by farmers and the market demand for farmed seafood increases.

Zeigler has been closely involved with the science behind shrimp feed nutrition and product development since the early 1980’s. By identifying and pursuing solutions to key industry problems and challenging outdated practices, the company continues to play a central role in the progress of this industry. Through close working relationships with leading commercial partners and research institutions, Zeigler has cemented its position as a pioneer in the shrimp farming industry. The company continues to lead the way in new technological developments that increase the sustainability, safety and overall productivity of shrimp farming.

Today, Zeigler’s shrimp nutrition program is divided into five main production-oriented categories: Maturation, Hatchery, Nursery, Grower, and Probiotics.

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