shrimp grower is formulated to meet the nutritional requirement of adult L. vannamei shrimp. This high quality feed performs well in culture systems stocked at <40/mup to a biomass of 4,000 kg/ha. Zeigler shrimp grower diets are recognized by their consistent quality that delivers excellent survival and growth. Zeigler manufactures to exacting ISO Quality Standards to insure specified water stability and minimal fines; and to be highly digestible; environmentally safe with great attractability to the shrimp; all of which produces a harvest of highly marketable shrimp.

Features & Benefits

  • Recommended densities: <40/m2, biomass: <4,000 kg/ha 
  • Improved FCR, higher survival, and better growth makes Semi-intensive a cost effective diet and an excellent means for improving bottom line profitability.
  • A rigorous program of specification and random testing ensures the ingredients have been selected for their preferred quality, keen attractant faculty and proven digestibility.
  • Formulated for superior digestibility, a balanced mineral content and low phosphorous level to ensure the best pond conditions possible.
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Quality Management System certified plant, which assures product consistency and quality.
  • Strong, innovative R & D Program ensures the customer benefits from the most up-to-date findings and improvements.
  • Shrimp Grower diets are manufactured upon order to insure freshness and quality.

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