is a complete maturation diet for penaeid shrimp to enhance spawning rates and egg production, yielding higher quality nauplii. A biosecure, semi-moist diet that sets the new standard in shrimp maturation programs. Vpak added to support animal health and disease resistance.

Features & Benefits

More spawns, more nauplii, better quality nauplii

  • A highly attractive semi moist diet to increase maturation performance.
  • Contains optimal levels of antioxidants, pigments, vitamins, bioavailable minerals and essential nutrients to enhance reproductive performance with or without eyestalk ablation.
  • Precision formulated with elevated levels of HUFAs and essential ingredients meeting metabolic demands of ovarian maturation and spawning.
  • An essential part of advanced shrimp broodstock management programs contributing to increased nauplii production indices and supporting consistent nauplii quality.

Biosecurity when and where it’s needed most

  • Guaranteed free of major crustacean pathogens by independent PCR analysis.
  • Provides up to 80% replacement of fresh feeds.

The most advanced maturation diet from the most advanced shrimp maturation program

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