Shrimp Maturation Conditioner 

is formulated as an integral part of the dietary needs of broodstock. The diet utilizes high quality ingredients such as marine proteins and oils to help broodstock satisfy their nutritional requirements. Shrimp Maturation Conditioner helps eliminate the normal lag time between ablation and initial ovary maturation in female penaeid shrimp. When the diet is fed to broodstock from approximately 20 grams to harvest, the normal lag time associated with ovarian maturation is virtually eliminated.

Features & Benefits

  • Quicker growth of broodstock.
  • Promotes rapid ovary development in maturation systems.
  • Larger spawns and increased mating in maturation tanks.
  • Rapid growth allows increased generations in genetic breeding program.
  • Can be used with automatic feeders to optimize growth and production of broodstock.
  • Contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) to enhance disease resistance.

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