PL Raceway 40-9 

With 20 years of experience in nursery feed formulation, our experience is our advantage. PL Raceway 40-9 yields performance results which can transform your production system. 

Features & Benefits

Transition the nutrition of your shrimp

  • Facilitates acclimation of juveniles and improves survivability through growout.
  • Specifically formulated for the development of post larvae and juveniles reared in traditional nursery and pond systems. 

Advanced feeding techniques 

  • Supports precision feeding by utilizing carefully selected particle size ranges to support natural variation in animal sizes. 
  • Feeding recommendations based on weight, not stage of animal. 

Formulated with quality ingredients 

  • Optimized nutrient levels for enhanced performance supporting improved water quality. 
  • Utilization of highly attractable and digestible marine ingredients with high HUFA content.
  • Contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) to enhance disease resistance.  

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