Zeigler Sinking Duck Maintenance diet is formulated with high quality raw ingredients as a completely balanced diet for feeding birds such as waterfowl, ducks and other species. Ducks and waterfowl are currently fed in feeders near ponds. This exposes the feed to waste due to rodents, insects, birds, rain, etc. These sinking type diets are designed to reduce wastage of the feed and provide several hours of water stability.

Particle Sizes

5/32" (4 mm) diameter pellet 1/4" long (Sinking)



  • 50 lb., 3-ply paper bag

Feeding Suggestions

  • Duck Maintenance diet should be fed free choice as the total diet. The feed is placed in a pot and immersed in water one or two feet from the edge of the pond. No supplementation is required for normal healthy birds. As a guide, most birds will consume the equivalent of one-fifth of their body weight per day. However, feeding requirements will vary depending on species, environment, level of activity and stress factors.


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