Zeigler Flamingo Fancier diet is formulated as a completely balanced diet for Flamingos and similar species of birds. This diet supplies all needed nutrients as identified by leading zoo nutritionists. In addition, the formula is standardized to contain fixed quantities of the highest quality raw ingredients 

Particle Sizes

5/32" (4 mm) diameter pellet



  • 50 lb., 3-ply paper bag

Feeding Suggestions

  • Flamingo Fancier diet is a completely balanced diet designed to replace shrimp or other fish to promote longevity of Flamingos. To enhance the intensity of feather and leg pigmentation, coloring agents such as Canthaxanthin have been added. This diet may be moistened with warm water prior to feeding. Please keep in mind not to moisten any more than will be consumed in a twelve hour period. Fresh fruits and/or vegetables may be offeredas an occasional treat, but should constitute only a minor portion of the diet. Fresh water should be available at all times.


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