Zeigler Omnivore diet is formulated as a complete diet for brown and black bears for growth, maintenance and reproduction. The diet supplies all needed nutrients as identified by leading zoo nutritionists. In addition, the formula is standardized to contain fixed quantities of the highest quality raw ingredients.

Particle Sizes

3/8" (9.55 mm) diameter pellet  3/4"-1" long
Binamic 8 shape wafer



  • 50 lb., 3-ply paper bag

Feeding Suggestions

  • Omnivore diet should be fed free choice as the total diet; no supplementation is normally required for normal healthy animals. As a guide, bears will consume the equivalent of 5% their body weight per day. However, feed requirements will vary depending on environment, level of activity, and stress factors. Fresh fruit and vegetables may be offered as an occasional treat but should constitute only a minor portion of the diet. Fresh water should be available at all times.


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